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About Me

meg-tinkhamThanks for stopping by! I’m here to help you seamlessly connect your online communications. We’ll chat about your current online communication plan and decide together what you need to move forward.

I started creating websites in 1996 while an English major at the University of Dayton. My plan after graduating was to become a magazine editor. I saw the need for my sorority to have a website and with the help of my mentor at the time, I taught myself how to build one. That experience then led to several web design internships with major companies including NCR and Standard Register. I realized I could combine my interest in communicating and editing with the online world.

After graduating, I landed a job in Raleigh, NC at a small editorial company as a webmaster and then moved on to help launch Time Warner Cable’sĀ Road Runner brand as their online producer and later as the first web manager at News 14 Carolina (now Time Warner Cable News).

I’ve worked as an Online Community Manager, Director of Communications and now as the owner of Tinkham Creative Solutions. I consider myself both a professional online communicator and teacher. I’ve taught numerous training classes on updating websites and social media best practices.

I look forward to connecting with you.